I feel like you all deserve an explanation.

Smack is not gone because of any legal threat or the fear of a legal threat. Not at all. The reason why Smack is gone, is because it was time. Smack had degenerated to the point of name calling and nothing more than bullying. There was rarely adult conversation going on any longer.

There are many less magazines, products, design teams, etc that need to be kept in line, so obviously there is much less smack than there used to be. So I believe that people got bored and smacked whatever they could think of.

An attempt was made to clean up the place a bit, to keep us on task, but alas there were too many princesses in the tower, some of whom prefered the gay bashing and fat children comments. I decided that was enough.

This place was also my own guilty pleasure. I understand ... I mourn it's loss in my own way, even tho it was by my own hand. I know there were better times when this place made things happen, but those days are long, long passed.

I apologize for no warning.

Best of luck to you all. I hope you find peace.
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